Thursday, November 15, 2007

Its Going Down

So my part time job as an EMT in Atlantic City allows me to work some awesome events, such as the recent Implosion of the Sands Casino. I was able to get some video, of course my camera ran out of memory space in the end, but its better than nothing.

Fall Kayaking

October in NJ...and who would have thought that means I get to go summer clothes!! Well I did, and took full advantage of the recent 90 degree weather. Wendy and I started our excursion at the Weymouth Furnace. We paddled down the winding river and had to dodge some freakishly weird guy that was trailing behind us. We found a buck (with a nice rack) that we assumed was dead on the side of the river, however upon further examination, it jumped up and ran away...not to mention scared the shit out of us!! After a nice 3 hour padde, we ended up at Lake Lenape where our ride was awaiting us. All in all, a wonderful day!

Philly 9/07

Well its a little late, but its time to add my most recent trip to Philly. My friend and I started off the night at the Wasabi House for some Sushi, which was not only reasonably priced but very delicious! Then it was off to South Street for the real fun. First stop was Nangellini where I was fascinated by the beautiful selection of yarn and Stango paintings. After we came out and saw Warrior Piercings, so I decided that it was time to get my industrial piercing that I have been craving. And of course, no trip to South Street would be complete without a $1 PBR from Tattooed Mom's! Here are some of the pics from the adventure!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lets give this a try

So...just when I thought that Myspace and Facebook were adequate for satisfying my need to interact with people on the internet, I decided that I need a blog too. So here it is. Im not sure how to really use this, so let the adventure begin. Im here to share the not so evident part of my love of crafting, exploring nature, and induldging in my love of music.